Run Dad Run

This may be a shock, but I am not in the best physical condition, I’m not in bad shape, I could be in better shape.

This is something that was highlighted when Mama Bear was pregnant with the Cub.

There wasn’t any major issue or turning point which made me realise I wanted to be healthier, I just realised that I didn’t want to embrace the stereotypical “Dadbod”.

I could eat, drink and do as little exercise as I wanted, then moan if I didn’t have the stamina when playing with the boys, or I could start to make a change and try and get in some form of shape, spoiler it’s not going to be round!

I have my long term motivation, to play longer, I just needed to find a short term motivation to start…..

And I think I’ve found it!

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Getting back into the swing of things.

It’s 1am and it’s been a good two months and 3, no 4 days since I last posted anything here.

Mainly due to the preparation and then subsequent arrival of the Bear Cub 6 weeks ago.

We’ve been in the normalisation period and it’s an amazing adventure so far.

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Taking Responsibility

The last few weeks at work have been a challenge, for the most part the challenge has been a great adventure, it has also been difficult and very tiring!

I cannot and won’t go into specifics of the troubles, however its highlighted something that I think is common in our lives as people and definitely as a Dad.

Over the last 10 days I have had to take responsibility for actions that were not of my making. I have had to make decisions when others haven’t, I have had to make myself available to take on board others frustrations and anger. All for one simple reason, it was and is the right thing to do and it was my responsibility.

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The Monkeybear Podcast – Episode Zero , The Step into the unknown!

MBP logoEvening all,

Below is the transcript from my first Podcast, The Monkeybear Podcast – Episode Zero, a step into the unknown.

The podcast is currently available on SoundCloud and iTunes, just search for The Monkeybear Podcast or click:



I really enjoyed the process in recording and its something i cant wait to develop further.

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Flat pack frustration

Today has been a fun day.

It’s been a day where I’ve spent all building and finished it getting frustrated with b@$t@%d flat pack.

In three months the three Bears will be come four.

So we are entering the prep phase of the pregnancy.

I say we….

Today it was me…..

Today we were supposed to be going out to see friends but we cancelled as we needed an ‘in’ day.

This meant from 0730 this morning, the three of us were doing various things.

The Bear was playing with Lego

Mama Bear was cleaning Harry the Hamster.

I ironed.

It’s what we do!

I then decided to get clean to seize the day.

This resulted in me pondering while cleaning my teeth something Mama Bear has said.

“I’d like to turn the cupboard in the Bear’s room in to a wardrobe so we can start sorting the nursary’

How this was only a comment and not a request, however during cleaning my teeth I thought I’d do it.

I would build a wardrobe in the Bear’s cupboard.

I got clean and dressed and triumphantly walked down to Mama Bear and said.

“The Bear and I are off to get wood, we’re building a wardrobe.”

So off to gather wood we went.

An extrodinary amount and 30minutes later we returned with the wood required to transform the cupboard into a wardrobe.

Cut to a montage of me cutting, measuring, drilling and building.

Four hours later and some lunch……

I had created a perfect hanging space!

Not a bodge, no corners cut, a hand built hanging space was created.

It’s one of my best builds yet.

After a tidy up and preparing some meat to make Biltong, I decided to build the cot bed on the nursery.

This is the same cot bed we used for the Bear, we kept it all in immaculate condition and because it’s a 3 in 1 at each devolution stage during the Bear’s use we made sure all was kept pristine.

Another montage time….

Two and a half hours…

Copious amounts of frustration.

At one point I even said to an inanimate object:

“Why are you being an arse just fit, it’s your purpose”

A few cuts and sore knees later…

We have a cot bed!!!

This raised the question……..

Why oh why is something that is supposed to be assembled in an easy way the most frustrating to put together?!?!

It made me go full on Basil Faulty I was one step away from the thrashing it with in an inch of its life!

I was able to build a wardrobe from scratch and with no plans but a pre planned build was a cause of major frustration!

Still the nursery is now on it’s way to getting finished and I’m sat catching up on Homland with a refreshing beverage!

Have a good Sunday!