A front row seat

This week whilst at the play park I sent my Bear off to play on the equipment and I was privileged to witness a transformation.

One I didn’t expect to see.

My small bear went off to play on the slides then he called after me to play, we were running around having fun playing silly games when another child joined in. We then all played hide and seek. It was great, obviously I lost cause it was two against one.

Then I was privileged to watch a transformation.

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Be there, be present….

How many times have we been in a situation where we have been in a situation but not been there.

We have missed a message or a specific event because we have not been present.

Since getting married and becoming a Dad I’ve learnt the secrets to being present.

They are hard lessons but vital.

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What’s the issues with Monday?

As I sit here now I am wondering why there is the obligitary Sunday evening posts on social media sites regarding the “dreaded” words….. the weekends over or Monday dundundeeerrrrr!

I’m lost by this, with still a good six hours of a Sunday to go there are people building their anxiety about the next day.

Today isn’t over, there is so much that you could do in the short space of time till Monday, why are we using energy and effort on building up the fears for the next day?

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It’s not the race but the runner

When on the Playstation the other night I was chatting away to a good friend of mine when he said something that really struck a chord.

The only person you’re racing against is yourself

I’ve never thought of it like this before, this seems like the most appropriate pharse to encapsulate what im trying to achieve.

As part of my growth I’ve been trying to live by the following:

  • Do you
  • For you
  • Beacause you want to
  • Because it makes you happy

However the four points might need adding too, they dont cover the natural benchmarking against others we do.

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My Developing Uncomfort

It’s been under a months since I embraced my need to grow. It’s been about 3 months since I decided that I wanted to grow and change.

I’m the last month I have never been so conflicted about the ways in which I’ve been pushing myself.

I can honestly say that starting to push myself is starting to make me feel like I’m growing.

In the last month we have seen the first scan of our second bear which had been the icing and the cherry on icing on the cake that is my home life. We are now complete.

I have also been pushing my uncomfort.

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How to prepare solid foundations for unlocking achievment

Imagine a state where you can do what you want to, how you want to, when you want to, in your way, for your own reasons and still result achieve what you want to achieve.

Through experimenting I believe the key to unlocking your own achievements are made from solid foundations.

We are in control of what we do, by owning what we do means we are in control of what we can achieve.

If we are in control of our achievements, this means we can achieve anything we want to.

However, in my opinion this achievement has to start from solid foundations. Below I will outline the core foundations I believe are needed to achieve what you want.

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